Mindfulness in the Workplace

Such interesting times we live in: the work culture continues to evolve and change, the mentalities of the staff are constantly altering, and it is becoming harder to keep up. Everyone is hustling, whether it's to progress their careers or to be a better version of themselves. Ethical lines are being blurred as the journey … Continue reading Mindfulness in the Workplace

The Dilemma of Teaching – Yoga vs. Hospitality

Ah, the joys of being an instructor. An educator, provider of information, leader, and so much more. Every time I feel like I have a full grasp of what I am supposed to do, something new surprises me and presents itself as a challenge, further adding to the aforementioned joy. I started teaching full-time two … Continue reading The Dilemma of Teaching – Yoga vs. Hospitality

Opinion: Yoga in the West – A blessing

I was recently reading a blog written by a fellow yogi about cultural appropriation. This writer's main point of view was how yoga was being perceived and mis-used by Western teachers, and how many had no respect for the culture. It went in to further detail about the oppression of the South Asian communities during … Continue reading Opinion: Yoga in the West – A blessing

The Business of Service and Kindness

A friend recently told me a story about her awful experience with her cable provider's customer service department. She said that even though her problem was resolved, the agent on the phone made no efforts to be kind. "Isn't that his job?", she questioned. "He is being paid to provide a service. He is being paid to … Continue reading The Business of Service and Kindness