About Rubika

Rubika spent the majority of her childhood moving from country to country, settling into new cultures and new schools. Once static, she searched for meaning in her jobs and her careers, which ultimately took her towards hospitality, yoga, and coaching.

Now Rubika is a career coach, a yoga teacher, an independent writer, as well as a self-proclaimed sci-fi/comic book nerd. She yearns to make yoga accessible to all and keeps a keen focus not only on the anatomical and physiological benefits, but also on how it impacts the mind. She brings the same mindfulness to her travel, coaching sessions and her work as an educator, where she teaches emphasizes empathy, cross-cultural communication, and service excellence.

Fun Facts!

  • Values: Integrity, Love, Growth, Empathy
  • Passionate about: Diversity; Travel and Tourism; Our place in the universe; Theoretical Physics
  • 16 personalities (Myers-Briggs) result – Campaigner (ENFP-T)
  • Favourite superheroes – DC: Superman, Flash, Nightwing; Marvel: Professor X, Daredevil, Spiderman
  • Favourite author: Dean Koontz

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