Intentional mindfulness through yoga, meditation, and personal coaching

I help people practice the principles of mindfulness both on and off the mat and gain personal and professional success through yoga, meditation, goal-setting, and self-discovery. I aspire to make these offerings accessible to all by focusing on foundations, alignment, and growth.

My offerings:

Movement based practice aligning the body and the mind

Breath work and pranayama

Mindfulness Coaching
Setting goals and intentions

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Recent Posts

Defining Goals and Intentions

There has been a lot of mixed messaging around goalsetting for 2021. I hope this article helps you gain clarity on the differences between goals and intentions, allowing you to better understand the importance of both and how they may impact you.

Career Development Opportunities During COVID-19

Current circumstances have heavily impacted the world of work, making permanent changes in organizations and their operating procedures. As we go into an uncertain phase of unemployment, remote work, or changing roles, it is important to take a step back and understand the implications such transitions will have on your team.

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