I’m Rubika, a global citizen currently living in Vancouver. A few years ago I found my true calling – to teach, spread messages, and tell stories. Since then I have embraced my role as a Hotel Management Instructor at a small college, as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher everywhere else. Everytime I learn something new my first instinct is to share it with others, and that is why I built this site.

Here you will find information about all things that matter to me and the stories behind them. You will find posts about community concerns such as cultural diversity and segregation; professional concerns such as the importance of good service for your guests/customers, and, of course, my personal journey with yoga and life. In a way, all these things are connected and can easily interchange categories.

To read what I have to say, click on “blog posts”. If it resonates, you want to book a yoga class, or just want to chat, please contact me. Xx