The Lost Art of Conversation

As we progress in to a world dominated by technology and devices, we have lost the ability to hold a conversation. Being a professional in the hospitality industry, the entire premise of my job revolves around interactions with guests and colleagues. There is always something to talk about and at times guests will spend several … Continue reading The Lost Art of Conversation

Breaking the Trend – Segregation

Vancouver is city crawling with people representing different cultures and backgrounds. According to Statistics Canada’s 2006 Census, visible minorities take up approximately 42 per cent of Vancouver’s population. Unfortunately, most of these minority groups still prefer to be segregated from the rest of this multicultural society. How it begins: It is natural for new immigrants … Continue reading Breaking the Trend – Segregation

Cultivating the Child in Me

Some of my favourite yoga teachers start class with a common theme: Breathe like you are a child again, belly out at inhalation, belly in at exhalation, the kind of breath you had when you were two. They tell us to practice every pose like you’re still a kid – the time when you were … Continue reading Cultivating the Child in Me