Beating the rain

After my last post explaining why I love fall, I got a lot of requests to blog about how to beat the rain, stay indoors, and still stay healthy.

Fall brings cold chills and rainy days, but that is no reason to stop your daily workout or forget your health. 

We can call it seasonal depression or fall blues, it all refers to a common phenomena faced by adults when autumn kicks in. Tendency is to stay at home, avoid the weather, and focus on comfort rather than health. We get caught up with all the seasonal hype in the form of occasions and food, which results in a stressful start for the New Year.

Here are five ways you can continue to stay fit while still staying out of the miserable weather:

  1. Organize your time: Tell yourself that you will be working out at least once a day and plan a feasible routine. Get some DIY videos and cater them to your needs, all while making them fun.
  2. Eat accordingly: Use fresh ingredients and make your own soups, desserts, and healthy comfort foods. Reduce your caffeine and sugar intake as they may just cause a crash, hence taking away from the routine you planned above.
  3. Drink lots of water: A lot of us forget to drink enough water while we are at home, which can lead to dehydration, especially since we have our heating system on. Keep a water bottle or glass close and encourage your family members to do the same.
  4. Track your progress: There is no harm in stepping on a scale if it can help you stay on the right track. Keep a journal of the foods you eat and your daily workout.
  5. Stay motivated: It may be cold and wet outside, but your home is still your sanctuary. If a routine starts boring you, change it up, but do not give up.

Focus on your schedule and remind yourself that it is better to follow these steps now, rather than forming unrealistic New Year resolutions. This will also help reduce the guilt a lot of us experience when asked to indulge in holiday desserts like pumpkin pie, or when you want extra whip cream on your hot chocolate.

Have a stress-free and positive season!

View from my balcony.

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