Autumn Lovin’

Every year around September as summer comes to an end, a fear envelopes my senses. It’s the fact that it won’t be warm anymore, the sun will be replaced by cold rain, and the days will get shorter. But as soon as October starts, I realize what makes this season just as wonderful as the rest.

Here are seven reasons why I’m falling in love with fall –

  1. Pumpkin spice latte, Chai tea, London fog, Peppermint mocha – need I say more?
  2. Time to put the lights up! Homes flash with beautiful reds, yellows, and blues
  3. Bring out the winter clothes; I have a friend who never fails to remind me how much better people look in coats and scarves
  4. I smell cookies, turkey, soups, and all foods that are delicious and heart warming
  5. Lots of friends and family time, which we should have every day, but it’s that much more fun when you have an occasion to celebrate
  6. I find that people are generally more grateful and giving at this time of the year
  7. Grab your calendars and make a note: My birthday is coming up!

A lot of times we see two extremes during this season: one side indulges in the celebration to the point that they almost lose control and crash at the end, the other side succumbs to the winter blues and spends the season in isolation. I encourage everyone to establish a balance: make sure you are active, enjoy a health-conscious version of the comfort foods, and always keep in mind: it may be cold right now, but with every day passing we’re that much closer to spring.

Happy Fall!

It’s a foggy day in Vancouver…

3 thoughts on “Autumn Lovin’

  1. After reading this I’ve decided I need to go get a pumpkin spice latte, but I think my favourite fall special is the gingerbread cake at Earls, it’s to die for

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